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Abbot and Costello Radio Show

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Who’s On First – June 18, 1947 – 30 minutes

Cast Members: Bud Abbott, Lou Costello, Artie Auerbrook, Elvia Allman, Iris Adrian, Mel Blanc, Wally Brown, Sharon Douglas, Verna Felton, Sidney Fields, Frank Nelson, Martha Wentworth, and Benay Venuta

First Episode: October 8, 1942 (Prior to that, they also hosted a program from July 3rd through September 25, 1940 as a summer replacement series for the Fred Allen Show)

Last Episode: March 26, 1949

Sponsor: Camel cigarettes (October 8, 1942 – June 27, 1947); Sustained by ABC thereafter

Typical Episode Length: 30 Minutes

Producer: Martin Gosch

Directors: Unknown

Announcers: Ken Niles, Michael Roy, Frank Bingman, and Jim Doyle

Sound Effects: Floyd Caton

Musical Conductors: Skinnay Ennis, Charles Hoff, Matty Matlock, Jack Meaking, Will Osborne, Freddie Rich, Leith Stevens, and Peter van Steeden

Writers: Ed Cherokee, Paul Conlan, Hal Fimberg, Ed Forman, Martin Gosch, Howard Harris, Parke Levy, Don Prindle, Martin Ragaway, Len Stern, and others

Bud and Lou went on to star in their own Abbot and Costello TV show in 1952. The series lasted for 52 episodes!

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