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Adventures of Maisie Radio Show

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The Nightclub – September 28, 1950 – 28 Minutes

First Episode: July 5, 1945

Last Episode: March 28, 1947 (And then returned in syndication from December 26, 1952 to January 11, 1952)

Number of Episodes: Unknown

Network: CBS (6/5/45-3/28/47), Mutual Syndicated (11/24/49-12/26/52)

Cast Members: Ann Sothern (Maisie Revere), Elliott Lewis (Bill), Elvia Allman, Joan Banks, Bea Benadaret (Mrs. Kennedy), John Brown, Hans Conreid, Sandra Gould, Sheldon Leonard, Lurene Tuttle, Hy Averback, Peter Leeds, Pat McGeehan (Eddie Jordan), Johnny McGovern, Sidney Miller, Jeffrey Silver, Ben Wright

Producer: John L. Greene

Director: Tony Sanford

Announcer: John Easton, Jack McCoy

Sound Effects: Unknown

Music: Albert Sack, Harry Zimmerman

Writers: Samuel Taylor &amp Others

Sponsor: Eversharp (6/5/45-3/28/47),

Typical Episode Length: 30 Minutes

The Adventures Of Maisie radio show was a comedy series inspired by the ten Maisie movies that were seen in theaters from 1939-1947. The movies’ lead role was originally developed for actress Jean Harlow. Jean died, however, in 1937 and the projects were shelved for a while until being recast with Ann Southern in the lead.

The story is about a single, brash, street-smart girl from Brooklyn who worked as a secretary. Maisie’s relationships with friends and co-workers provided most of the laughs and there was a wee bit of romance thrown in for good measure.

This radio series was the source of the commonly used phrase of the 1940s, “Likewise, I’m sure.” Please note that the actual name of the series from 1945-47 was simply, “Maisie” and then when the series came back in 1949, the name was changed to “The Adventures Of Maisie”. This series and the movies also inspired the, “Private Secretary TV Show” which also starred Ann Sothern in a very similar role. When that TV series left the air after five seasons, Ann starred in another TV series from 1958-1961 appropriately titled, “The Ann Sothern Show“!

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