An Overview Of Oracle CEO Mark Hurd

There is a man by the name of Mark Hurd that is the chief executive office or at the company called Oracle. This is a business that played a large role in the development of software on computers, and is a multibillion-dollar company. There have been many CEOs, and Mark is the latest. He has been a chairman, and also the president of Hewlett-Packard. After his resignation, he found his way to Oracle. Here is a quick overview of this page.

Who Is Oracle CEO Mark Hurd?

Mark received his education from Baylor University. He is one of the CEOs of Oracle. He has a degree in Business Administration, one that he received as a result of a tennis scholarship, and has actually played a large role in renovating a tennis complex at the facility. He has been honored by Baylor University with an achievement award, and was also named vice chair of its Board of Regents. In his previous profession, he was with the NCR Corporation. This subsequently lead to his time with Hewlett-Packard for six years, which he decided to leave in 2010.

What Does He Do At Oracle?

As CEO, he is responsible for many of the business operations of Oracle. He is also on their Board of Directors. He was responsible for improving the sales force, something that he accomplished by paying them more money to motivate them to make more sales. He recruited sales representatives that were college graduates, specifically to sell the Oracle Cloud. It is said that he actually recruits over 1200 students into Oracle every year, helping them get their foot in the door of this very successful company. Hopefully he will continue to contribute to this business which is doing very well in this industry.

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