Basic Facts About Wakizashi

Japanese has the great pride linked with the samurai sword. As samurai sword is token of bravery, chivalry as they were worn by the warriors. If there are any talks related with the Japanese swords, you might have heard about the katana and Wakizashi. These are two basic swords that are used by the warrior to protect Japan from its rival.

A Japanese samurai will always carry two swords with which are

  • Katana
  • Wakizashi

These swords are collectively said to be the “daisho”. This means that having the pack of a large and small sword. Katana is the largest sword and Wakizashi is the smallest one. Katana is always recognized by the single-edged blade sword. Wakizashi also have the same shape as that of the katana. As Wakizashi is small in size it is always considered as the next option after the katana.

Wakizashi is kept as the backup option when katana seems to be too large. Old warriors always keep one of the swords with themselves when they are probably inside their building.

Use Of Wakizashi

Wakizashi is slightly curved and has the handle of the square shape. This handle is said to be the hilt. This sword is shorter in size than the Katana. But Wakizashi is beautiful and grander than the Katana. As we have earlier discusses this is always used for the secondary purpose.

When it comes to the scabbards of other swords, they have the single pouch. But when it comes to Wakizashi it comprises of the multiple compartments. This means that warriors can carry some of the other weapons like knife and combs in those pockets.


These all are the basic guide related to the Wakizashi. This sword is used as the second option because they are small in size.


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