Best Invicta Watches: Personality Boosters

Invicta watches have become very popular these days among men who have a desire to make a statement about their personality. These are perhaps the highest selling semi luxury watches around the world in present times. Main reason behind their popularity is not just their robust build and aesthetic appeal but bold and innovative features that are loved by the people. Best Invicta watches are available at a price of a few hundred dollars whereas prices of comparable watches made by luxury brands runs in thousands of dollars. In fact, you can buy an Invicta watch at fewer than hundred dollars as a few of them are really inexpensive.


If you have not heard the name Invicta, it is not your fault really. The company does not advertise aggressively and does not sponsor big sports events like Citizen and Rolex. You would be surprised to know that Invicta is actually a nearly 200 year old Swiss company under control of an American investment company at present. Being in the business of watch making for so long, the company does know everything about the kind of craftsmanship people desire in their watches. If you see these watches online or at a store, you notice the difference in their bold and innovative designs and features.


Invicta is a Latin word meaning invincible. These watches indeed look unbeatable when it comes to their build quality and good looks. There is a large collection of watches under the belt of the company. They have divided their watches into many different series to cater to the taste of different categories of customers. Two of the most popular such series are Lupah and Pro Diver. Lupah series contains alluring watches with different color dials and exciting features. On the other hand Pro Diver is a series targeted at sportsmen with water resistant watches.

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