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Boston Blackie Radio Show

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Santa and the Stolen Rings – December 22, 1948 – 25 Minutes

First Episode: June 23, 1944

Last Episode: June 29, 1949

Number of Episodes: Approximately 230

Network: NBC (1st 12 episodes), In syndication by ZIV Productions thereafter

Cast Members: Richard Kollmar as Boston Blackie (Episode #13 to end), Jan Minor as Mary Wesley (Episode #13 to end), Maurice Tarplin as Inspector Faraday (Episode #13 to end), Chester Morris as Boston Blackie (1st 12 episodes), Lesley Woods as Mary Wesley (1st 12 episodes), Richard Lane as Inspector Faraday (1st 12 episodes)

Announcer: Harlow Wilcox

Sponsor: Rinso Soap (first 12 episodes), In syndication thereafter

Broadcast Time: Fridays 10:00 PM to 10:30 (first 12 episodes), In syndication thereafter

Typical Episode Length: 30 Minutes

Boston Blackie was originally produced to be a summer replacement series for the Amos & Andy Show. Then, a company called ZIV Productions bought the series and synicated it. Stations just couldn’t buy up the rights to broadcast the episodes fast enough and Boston Blackie went on to become a major hit for another 200+ episodes over 5 additional years on the air!

The Boston Blackie radio show was inspired by the super successful Boston Blackie movies of the 1920s to the early 1940s. People sometimes wonder why Chester Morris and Richard Lane did not stay with the radio program after the summer run. Well … they had starred in several of the movies and went on to star in several more. Movie salaries were much better than the paychecks for starring on a radio show!

Maurice Tarplin was also starring in another hit radio program while doing Boston Blackie. Check it out at our Mysterious Traveler radio show page!

There was also a Boston Blackie TV Show that lasted a couple of seasons from 1951-52 and starred Kent Taylor as Boston Blackie.

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