Cisco Kid Radio Show

Cisco Kid Radio Show

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Passport To Death – October 4, 1955 – 26 Minutes

The photo above is of Jackson Beck as the Cisco Kid.

First Episode: October 2, 1942

Last Episode: ?? ??, 1958

Number of Episodes: Approximately 634

Network: WOR (10/2/42-??/??/45), Mutual Broadcasting (??/??/47-??/??/56)

Cast Members: Jackson Beck (Cisco Kid: 10/2/42-??/??/45), Jack Mather (Cisco Kid: ??/??/47-??/??/58), Louis Sorin (Pancho : 10/2/42-??/??/45), Harry Lang (Pancho: ??/??/47-??/??/58), Mel Blanc (Pancho: ??/??/47-??/??/56), Vicki Vola (10/2/42-??/??/45), Bryna Raeburn (10/2/42-??/??/45)

Producer: J. C. Lewis

Director: Jock McGregor

Announcer: Michael Rye

Sound Effects: Unknown

Music: Unknown

Writer: Larry Hays

Sponsor: Syndicated, sponsors varied by station

Typical Episode Length: 30 minutes

The Cisco Kid radio show was a western drama series with a plotline that appealed greatly to children. Cisco and his sidekick Pancho were two carefree bandits who enjoyed stealing from evil rich people and using the money to help the poor. In fact, the announcer would often refer to Cisco as “The Robin Hood of the West”. During its run, the series aired at least once per week and as much as three times per week.

There was also a Cisco Kid TV Series that aired for 4 seasons from 1951-1954 and starred Duncan Renaldo as The Cisco Kid.

Jason Beck, who was the first to provide the voice of the Cisco Kid, also was the announcer for more than 1600 episodes of the Superman radio show! When you hear the familiar, “Up in the sky! … It’s a bird!”, that’s Mr. Beck! He also did the voice of Bluto, Popeye’s nemisis and many others.

Cisco’s horse’s name was “Diablo” and Pancho’s was “Loco”.

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