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A Date With Judy Radio Show

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Guest: Frank Sinatra – March 20, 1945 – 30 Minutes

First Episode: June 24, 1941

Last Episode: May 25, 1950

Number of Episodes: Unknown

Network: NBC Radio Network

Cast Members: Ann Gillis (Judy Foster: 6/24/41 to 9/16/41), Dellie Ellis (Judy Foster: 6/23/42 to 9/15/42), Louise Erickson (Judy Foster: 6/30/43 to 1/4/49), Peggy Wilson (Judy’s Mother), Richard Crenna, Myra Marsh

Producer/Director: Helen Mack

Announcers: Doug Gorlay, John Milton Kennedy, Ken Niles

Sound Effects: Unknown

Writers: Elaine Leslie

Music: Hal Born, Paul Sawtelle

Sponsor: Pepsodent, Ford Motors, Revere Cameras, Tums

Typical Episode Length: 30 Minutes

A Date With Judy began as a summer replacement series for the Bob Hope Radio Show. It’s popularity grew rapidly, however, as the teen audience could really identify with Judy’s typical teenage problems with boyfriends, parents, and at school. Their parents enjoyed the series as it offered an opportunity to reminisce about their youth.

As an interesting bit of trivia, Peggy Wilson who played Judy’s mother on A Date With Judy was the real life wife of Don Wilson, best known as the announcer on the Jack Benny Program!

A Date With Judy was so popular on the radio that it inspired a comic book, a feature film in 1948 starring Jane Powell as Judy, and a TV series during the 1952/53 season!

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