Escape Radio Show

Escape Radio Show

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Three Skeleton Key – November 15, 1949 – 29 Minutes

Often considered to be the greatest adventure series on the radio, each week Escape took its listeners from the ho-hum daily grind and into a world of high adventure!

NOTE: The photo above shows producer/director William N. Robson as he joins sound effects men Billy Gould, Cliff Thorness, and Ross Murray in their quest for a way to produce the sound of gnawing rats for the Escape Radio Show episode, “Three Skeleton Key”.

First Episode: July 7, 1947 (Plus 2 earlier audition shows – September 18, 1944 and March 24, 1947)

Last Episode: September 25, 1954

Number of Episodes: Approximately 236

Network: CBS Radio Network

Cast Members: Elvia Allman, Eleanor Audley, Parley Baer, Michael Ann Barrett, Tony Barrett, Harry Bartell, Ted Bliss, Lillian Buyeff, Ken Christy, William Conrad, Ted DeCorsia, John Dehner, Don Diamond, Paul Dubov, Sam Edwards, Frank Gerstle, Sandra Gould, Virginia Gregg, Robert Griffin, Bill Johnstone, Jess Kirkpatrick, Berry Kroeger, Elliott Lewis, Forrest Lewis, Frank Lovejoy, Junius Matthews, Lou Merrill, Howard McNear, Shep Menken, Marvin Miller, George Neece, Jeanette Nolan, Dan O’Herlihy, Vic Perrin, Barney Phillips, Alan Reed, Eleanore Tanin, B.J. Thompson, Herb Vigran, Jack Webb, Peggy Webber, Will Wright, Carlton Young, and many more

Narrators: Joan Banks, William Conrad, John Dehner, Georgia Ellis, Paul Frees, Will Geer, Stacy Harris, Jay Novello, Jack Webb, Ben Wright

Producer: Norman MacDonnell

Director: Antony Ellis, Morton Fine, David Friedkin, Gordon T. Hughes, Norman MacDonnell, John Moseman, William N. Robson, Richard Sanville

Announcers: William Conrad, Tom Hanlon, Paul Frees, Roy Rowan

Sound Effects: Bill Gould, Tom Hanley, Bill James, Ray Kemper, David Light, Carl Schaele, Cliff Thorsness

Music: Del Castillo, Ivan Ditmars (Organ), Cy Feuer, Wilber Hatch, Leith Stevens

Theme Music: “Night On Bald Mountain” by Modest Moussorgsky

Writers/Adapters: John and Gwen Bagni, Les Crutchfield, John Dunkel, Gil Doud, Anthony Ellis, David Ellis, William Froug, Kathleen Hite, David Light, John Meston, E. Jack Neuman, Walter Newman, Irving Ravetch, William N. Robson

Sponsor: Ford Motor Company (1/17/50 to 2/14/50), Richfield Oil Company (4/21/50 to 8/04/50 and 8/18/50), Plymouth (9/06/53 and 10/11/53), and otherwise supported by CBS

Typical Episode Length: 30 Minutes

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