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Father Knows Best Radio Show

Robert Young and Jean Vander Pyl on Father Knows Best

First Episode: August 25, 1949

Last Episode: November 19, 1953

Number of Episodes: Approximately 197

Network: NBC Radio Network

NOTE: Photo at right is of Robert Young and Jean Vander Pyl --->

Cast Members: Robert Young (Jim Anderson), June Whitley (Margaret Anderson #1), Jean Vander Pyl (Margaret Anderson #2), Rhoda Williams (Betty Anderson), Ted Donaldson (Bud Anderson), Norma Jean Nilsson (Kathy Anderson). Eleanor Audley, Sam Edwards, and Herb Vigran played the Andersons neighbors.

Producers/Directors: Murray Bolen, Ken Burton, Fran Van Hartesfeldt

Series Creator: Ed James

Announcers: Bill Forman, Marvin Miller

Writers: Ed James, Roz Rogers, Paul West

Sound Effects: Unknown

Music: Unknown

Sponsor: General Foods

Typical Episode Length: 30 Minutes

There was also a Father Knows Best TV Show that ran from October 3, 1954 to September 17, 1962 (for 203 episodes). Robert Young was the only cast member that made the move from the radio show to the televised version.

Listen to a Father Knows Best Radio Show episode by clicking on a link below:

Betty's Screen Test - May 18, 1950 - 30 Minutes

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