Guiding Light Radio Show

Guiding Light Radio Show

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Episode #792 – Air Date Unknown – 13 Minutes

The photo to the right is of four members of the original 1937 cast (left to right): Arthur Peterson, Mercedes McCambridge, Helen Behmiller, and Henrietta Ledro ——>

First Episode: January 25, 1937 on the radio (June 30, 1952 on TV)

Last Episode: June 29, 1956 on the radio (September 18, 2009 on TV)

Number of Episodes: Approximately 4000 on the radio (15762 on TV)

Network: NBC Radio (1937–1946), CBS Radio (1947–1956), CBS TV (1952–2009)

Created By: Irna Phillips

Episode Length: 15 minutes on the radio (On TV: 15 mins until 1968, 30 mins until 1977, 60 mins thereafter)

Writers: Irna Phillips (1937-1958), Agnes Nixon (1958-1966)

The Guiding Light was the longest running drama series when cancelled in 2009 with nearly 20,000 episodes over 62 years on the air! The title was a reference to a lamp in the office of Reverend Dr. John Ruthledge who was a main character when the radio show debuted. The light from the Reverend’s lamp “Guided” the local residents to him when they needed help in life. On the 70th anniversary in 2007, an episode of the Guiding Light TV Show reenacted the broadcast of a radio show episode! Several big stars got their start on the Guiding Light including Allison Janney (The West Wing), Calista Flockhart (Ally McBeal), and movie star Kevin Bacon.

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