Gunsmoke Radio Show

Gunsmoke Radio Show

NOTE: Photo above shows: (from left to right) – Howard McNear (Doc), William Conrad (Matt), Georgia Ellis (Kitty), and Parley Baer (Chester)

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Beeker’s Barn – December 23, 1956 – 25 Minutes

Gunsmoke was so popular on the radio that after only 3 1/2 years, a TV series based on the radio show started airing on September 10, 1955. In fact, the radio show and the TV series were on the air simultaneously for nearly six years! William Conrad continued playing Matt Dillon on the radio and a relatively unknown actor named James Arness played the brave crime fighter on TV. Amazingly, the huge success of the Gunsmoke radio show with 480 episodes over nine years was trumped by the Gunsmoke TV show which racked up a whopping 633 episodes over 20 seasons!

The TV version holds the record as the longest airing TV series other than news or talk programs. When combined, the radio show and the TV show totally blow every other brodcast series away!

First Episode: April 26, 1952 (Plus 2 earlier audition shows on June 6, 1949 and July 13, 1949)

Last Episode: June 18, 1961 (Fifteen years later, radio station WAMU-FM in Washington, DC broadcast a five hour special titled, “The Story of Gunsmoke” which was written by Jim Hickman and Norman MacDonnell! Of course, that broadcast is not considered to be a part of this series)

Number of Episodes: Approximately 482 regular broadcasts. There are additional recordings which include east coast versions, out-takes, and bloopers.

Network: CBS Radio Network

Cast Members: William Conrad (Marshall Matt Dillon), Parley Baer (Chester Wesley Proudfoot), Georgia Ellis (Kitty Russell), Howard McNear (Charles “Doc” Adams), Harry Bartell, Jeanne Bates, Richard Beals, Virginia Christian, Richard Crenna, John Dehner, Lawrence Dobkin, Sam Edwards, Virginia Gregg, Joseph Kearns, Lou Krugman, Ralph Moody, Jeanette Nolan, James Nusser, Vic Perrin, Barney Phillips, and many others

Producer: Norman Macdonnell

Director: Norman Macdonnell

Announcer: George Fenneman, Roy Royan, George Walsh

Sound Effects: Tom Hanley, Bill James, Ray Kemper

Music: Del Castillo, Rax Khoury

Writers: Marian Clark, Les Crutchfield, John Dunkel, Antony Ellis, Kathleen Hite, John Meston, Herb Purdum, and others

Sponsors: Chesterfield Cigarettes, L & M Cigarettes, Ligett & Myers Tobacco, Post Toasties

Typical Episode Length: 30 Minutes

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