Have Gun Will Travel Radio Show

Have Gun Will Travel Radio Show

Note: Photo above is of John Dehner as Paladin!

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All That Glitters – September 6, 1959 – 24 Minutes

First Episode: November 23, 1958 (Plus one earlier audition episode on November 11, 1958)

Last Episode: November 27, 1960

Number of Episodes: 107

Network: CBS Radio Network (Sydicated)

Cast Members: John Dehner (Paladin), Ben Wright (Heyboy), Virginia Gregg (Miss Wong), Lynn Allen, Russell Arms, Jack Moyles, Olan Soule, and others

Producer: Frank Paris

Directors: Norman Macdonnell, Frank Paris

Announcers: Hugh Douglas

Sound Effects: Tom Hanley, Ray Kemper

Theme Music: “The Ballad of Paladin”, written by Richard Boone &Sam Rolfe (Became a hit single in the 1960s!)

Writers: Albert Aley, Marian Clark, John Dawson, Ken Kobe, Herb Meadow (& Co-Creator), Frank Michael, William N. Robson, Gene Roddenberry, Sam Rolfe (& Co-Creator), and others

Sponsors: Camel Cigarettes, Columbia Phonographs, Dristan, Ex-Lax, Fitch Shampoo, Fritos, Kellogg’s Cereals, Pepsi-Cola, Winston Cigarettes

Typical Episode Length: 25 Minutes

The Have Gun Will Travel radio show has the distinction of being one of the very few series that started on television and then came to radio! Yes, the Have Gun Will Travel TV Show aired for the first time on September 14, 1957, 14 months before the first appearance on the radio! The story is about a man in the old west named Paladin who is a “gun for hire” with ethics. He even did some jobs for free when he felt that someone who couldn’t afford his fee was being overtly oppressed by evildoers of the west! Paladin collected plenty for his services though, as he lived in the upscale Carlton Hotel in San Francisco.

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