How to do Mindfulness Meditation

Modern life has become full of stress because of excessive emphasis on materialism. People are forced to live fast paced lives trying to meet deadlines. They are competing with each other with no time for relaxation. This is why more and more people are turning to meditation to reduce their anxiety and high stress levels. Mindfulness meditation is a modern technique of meditation that has become very popular these days.


Mindfulness is a state where an individual is aware of himself and his surroundings. It is a natural state of wakefulness but needs to be practiced daily so that we are aware of it. It is possible to train your mind to be mindful. When you are able to achieve mindfulness, you will find that many parts of your brain have become active and lighted. This is not the case in the normal state of wakefulness that most of us experience in our daily lives.


Mindfulness meditation is a technique that can be practiced by anyone irrespective of his age and health condition. It does not require any special skills or knowledge and even any kind of flexibility. There are some who feel that mindfulness meditation is associated with some religion or sect. The fact is that this practice of meditation is not religious at all. You can do it no matter what your religion. It is not rocket science as you do what you have been doing all your life. All you have to do is to focus upon your thoughts and whatever else that is going inside your mind. Just become a witness to all the thoughts wandering across your mind. Do not curse yourself, do not criticize. Experience and enjoy the thoughts entering and going away from your mind. Slowly and gradually you will be able to delve deeper inside your mind.


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