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I Love Lucy Radio Show

Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz on the I Love Lucy radio show

Many popular television shows attempted to produce a version for radio and so did I Love Lucy! Unfortunately, the radio show never made it past the audition show which is just an adaptation of an episode of the I Love Lucy TV Show that had aired just 16 days earlier. Fortunately, that show has survived the test of time and here it is for your listening pleasure!

Breaking the Lease - February 26, 1952 - 30 Minutes

P.S. - The TV series and this radio episode were actually based on another radio series starring Lucille Ball titled, "My Favorite Husband". That series was also about a husband and his "ditsy" wife (played excellently by Lucille Ball, of course). 126 episodes aired with about 90 (of widely ranging quality) surviving to this day! Learn more and listen to a high quality episode at our My Favorite Husband Radio Show page!

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