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Jack Benny Program On The Radio

Jack Benny radio program cast

First Episode: May 2, 1932

Last Episode: May 22, 1955

Number of Episodes: Approximately 920

Network: NBC (5-02-32 to 10-26-32), CBS (10-30-32 to 1-26-33), NBC (3-3-33 to 1-2-49), CBS (1-9-49 to 5-22-55)

NOTE: Cast photo - left to right - Eddie Anderson, Dennis Day, Phil Harris, Mary Livingstone, Jack Benny, Don Wilson, and Mel Blanc ----->

Cast Members: Jack Benny, Don Wilson, Eddie Anderson (Rochester), Mary Livingstone, Artie Auerbach (Mr. Kitzel), Gurney Bell, Bea Benaderet (Gertrude Grearshift), Sara Berner (Mabel Flapsaddle), Joe Besser, Mel Blanc (Train Announcer/Professor LeBlanc), Howard Claney, Benita Colman, Ronald Colman, Bill Days, Andy Devine, Dix Davis, Paul Douglas, Frank Fontaine, Gloria Gordon, Bob Gregor, Alois Havrilla, Sam Hearn, George Hicks, Joseph Kearns, Sheldon Leonard, Elliott Lewis, Sadye Marks, Eddie Marr, Jay Mayer, James Melton, Jane Morgan, Frank Nelson, John Rarig, Thurl Ravenscroft, Sid Silvers, Max Smith, Marty Sperzel, Blanche Stewart, Rochester Van Jones, Veola Vonn, Ted Weems

Producers: Irving Fein, Hilliard Marks

Announcers: Don Wilson, Howard Claney, Bob Gregor, Alois Havrilla, George Hicks, R. Smith, Sid Silvers

Sound Effects: Monty Fraser (NBC), Ed Ludes, James Murphy, Virgil Reimer, Cliff Thorsness (CBS), Gene Twombly, Jack Wormser

Orchestra Leaders: Don Bestor, Frank Black, Bob Crosby, Johnny Green, Jimmy Grier, Phil Harris, Mahlon Merrick, George Olsen,

Singers: Kenny Baker, Michael Bartlett, Dick Canliffe, Dennis Day, Fran Fray, Dick Gardner, Hotcha Gardner, Charlie Herbert, Grace Herbert, Andrea March, Dave Marshall, James Milton, Frank Parker, Ethel Shutta, Sportsmen Quartet, Paul Small, Larry Stevens,

Theme Music: "Blending Into Love In Bloom" (Benny's personal theme), "Hooray For Hollywood" (closing theme), "Yankee Doodle Boy"

Writers: George Balzer, Ed Beloin, Al Boasberg, Harry Conn, Milt Josefsberg, Bill Morrow, Sam Perrin, Howard Snyder, John Tackaberry, Hugh Wedlock Jr

Sponsor: Canada Dry, Chevrolet, General Foods (Jello), General Tire, Grape Nuts Flakes (Cereal), Lucky Strike Cigarettes,

Typical Episode Length: 30 Minutes

Jack Benny and his terrific cast and crew where definitely the kings of comedy on the radio! With the exception of the occasional joke about something or someone not well known today, these radio episodes have survived the test of time! They will always be good for a rib-tickling good time!

Most of the radio show's cast also appeared on the Jack Benny Show that aired on television from 1949-1965!

Listen to a Jack Benny Program episode by clicking on a link below:

Fifty Cents To A Bum - April 9, 1950 - 30 Minutes

Or watch this seven minute rare video of the Jack Benny radio show being performed on April 12, 1942 for the troops at Camp Haan near Riverside, California!

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