Lights Out Radio Show

Lights Out Radio Show

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The Meteor Man – December 22, 1942 – 23 Minutes

Note: The photo above is of Wyllis Cooper, creater of the Lights Out radio show.

First Episode: January 1, 1934

Last Episode: August 6, 1947

Number of Episodes: Unknown

Network: Only on WENR in Chicago through April 10, 1934, then National on the NBC Radio Network

Host: Arch Oboler

Cast Members: Hans Conried, Sidney Ellstrom, Templeton Fox, Raymond Edward Johnson, Ted Maxwell, Mercedes McCambridge, Lou Merrill, Betty Winkler

Producer: Arch Oboler

Directors: Wyllis Cooper (also series creator), Albert Crews, Bill Lawrence, Arch Oboler

Announcer: Frank Martin

Sound Effects: Ed Bailey, Bill Brown, Bob Graham, Ed Joyce, Jerry McCarty

Music: Leith Stevens

Writers: Wyllis Cooper, Arch Oboler, Hobart Donovan, Ferrin N. Fraser, Stuart Haydon, Walter Hank Richards, Ken Robinson, Geoffrey Whalen

Sponsor: Supported by NBC through August 16, 1939, Ironized Yeast (10-06-42 to 9-28-43), Supported by NBC (7-14-45 to 8-24-46), Eversharp-Shick for the final five episodes

Typical Episode Length: 15 Minutes (1-01-34 through 4-10-34), 30 Minutes thereafter

If you like pure horror, Lights Out is the show for you! The sound effects on this series are probably the most gruesome ever heard on the radio! The sound of all the bones in a body being crushed after falling from a skyscraper might get your blood flowing and on one episode, you’ll even hear human flesh being eaten!

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