Lone Ranger Radio Show

Lone Ranger Radio Show

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Mission Bells – December 24, 1947 – 25 Minutes

First Episode: January 31, 1933

Last Episode: September 3, 1954 (With repeat broadcasts continuing to 1956 or 57?)

Number of Episodes: 1000+ (Rough estimate)

Network: Mutual Broadcasting System (Beginning of series – 4/29/42), ABC Radio Network (5/01/42 – End of series)

Cast Members: George Seaton (The Lone Ranger – January 31 to May 9, 1933), Earle Graser (The Lone Ranger – May 16, 1933 to April 7, 1941), Brace Beemer (The Lone Ranger – April 18, 1941 to end of series), John Todd (Tonto), Dick Beals (Dan Reid), Jack Deeds (Producer/director James Jewell’s acting pseudonym), Paul Hughes (Thunder Martin), James Lipton (Dan Reid), Jay Michael, Bill Saunders (Butch Cavendish), Ernie Stanley

Producer: James Jewell

Director: James Jewell

Series Creators: Fran Striker, George W Trendle

Announcers/Narrators: Elaine Alpert, Brace Beemer, Fred Foy, Harry Golder, Bob Hite, John Hodiak, Amos Jacobs (aka Danny Thomas), Ted Johnstone, Bob Maxwell, Herschel Mayal, Rollon Parker, Jack Petruzzi, Frank Russell, Harold True, Charles Wood

Sound Effects: Dewey Cole, Bert Djerkiss, Jim Fletcher, Fred Flowerday, Fred Fry, Ted Robertson, Ernie Winstanley

Theme Music: “William Tell Overture” by Rossini

Writers: Dan Beatty, Tom Dougall, Gibson Scott Fox, Bob Green, Felix Holt, Bob Shaw, Shelley Stark, Fran Striker (head writer)

Sponsor: Bond Bread, General Mills (Cheerios), Gingham Bread, Merita Bread, Silvercup Bread

Typical Episode Length: 30 Minutes

There was also a Lone Ranger TV Show that aired for five seasons and 221 episodes! By the way, the Lone Ranger’s horse was named “Silver” and Tonto’s horse was named “Scout”. Scout’s name, however, was never mentioned until the 99th episode of this radio show titled, “Sheriff Sanders & the Smugglers”.

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