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Milton Berle Radio Show

Milton Berle on his radio show

First Episode: March 11, 1947

Last Episode: June 15, 1949

Number of Episodes: 96

Network: NBC (start - 4/13/48), ABC (9/22/48 - end)

Cast Members: Milton Berle, Jack Albertson, Ed Begley, Arthur Q. Byran, Charlie Irving, Al Kelly, Pert Kelton, Billy Sands, Mary Shipp, Arnold Stang, Jacquline Suzanne

Announcers: Frank Gallop

Orchestra Leaders: Ray Block, Allen Roth

Singers: Kay Armen, Dick Forney

Writers: Nat Hiken, Aaron Rubin

Sponsor: Philip Morris Cigarettes (start - 4/13/48), Texaco (9/22/48 - end)

Typical Episode Length: 30 Minutes

Milton Berle also starred on his own TV series for 52 episodes. The name of the series was technically the "Texaco Star Theater but it was commonly referred to as the Milton Berle Show.

Listen to a Milton Berle Radio Show episode by clicking on a link below:

A Satirical Salute to Radio - September 16, 1947 - 31 Minutes

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