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My Favorite Husband Radio Show

Lucille Ball and Richard Denning as Liz and George Cugat on My Favorite Husband

First Episode: July 23, 1948 (Plus an earlier audition episode on July 5, 1948)

Last Episode: March 31, 1951

Number of Episodes: 126

Network: CBS Radio Network

Cast Members: Lucille Ball (Liz Cugat/Cooper), Richard Denning (George Cugat/Cooper), Ruth Perrott (Katy the Maid), Gale Gordon (Mr. Atterbury), Bea Benaderat (Mrs. Atterbury)

Producer/Director: Gordon Hughes (audition show, episode 1, 3-13), Jess Oppenheimer (episodes 14-125), Harry Ackerman directed episode 3 (The Magazine Photographer) only

Announcer: Bob LeMond

Music: Wilbur Hatch (conductor), Marlin Skiles (composer)

Writers: Bob Carroll Jr., Jess Oppenheimer, Madelyn Pugh

Sponsor: Supported by CBS during 1948, General Foods (Jello) thereafter

Typical Episode Length: 25 minutes

Listen to a My Favorite Husband Radio Show episode by clicking on a link below:

Pilot Episode - July 23, 1948 - 30 Minutes

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