My Little Margie Radio Show

My Little Margie Radio Show

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Vern Adopts Freddie – November 7, 1954 – 25 Minutes

First Episode: December 7, 1952

Last Episode: August ??, 1955

Number of Episodes: Unknown

Network: CBS Radio Network

Series Creator: Frank Fox

Cast Members: Gale Storm (Margie Albright), Charles Farrell (Vern Albright), Gil Stratton Jr (Freddie), Verna Felton (Mrs. Odetts), Will Wright (Mr. Honeywell), George Neise (Role Unknown)

Producer: Gordon T. Hughes, Hal Roach Jr., Roland Reed

Director: Gordon T. Hughes

Announcers: Roy Rowan, Frank Simms

Sound Effects: Unknown

Music: Alexander Laszlo

Writers: Lee Carson, Jack Harvey, Doris Hursley, Frank Hursley

Sponsor: Phillip Morris Cigarettes, Campana

Typical Episode Length: 25 Minutes

My Little Margie ran for 4 yrs on the radio and 4 yrs on TV. Almost unbelievably, both the radio version and the My Little Margie TV Show were broadcast during the same 4 seasons with the same lead actors! The scripts were different though.

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