Our Miss Brooks Radio Show

Our Miss Brooks Radio Show

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Orphan Twins – May 8, 1955 – 30 Minutes

First Episode: July 19, 1948 (Plus two previous audition shows on April 9th and June 6th of 1948)

Last Episode: July 7, 1957

Number of Episodes: Approximately 375

Network: CBS Radio Network

Cast Members: Eve Arden (Connie Brooks), Dick Crenna (Walter Denton), Jeff Chandler (Philip Boynton), Leonard Smith (Stretch Snodgrass), Gloria McMillan (Harriet Conklin), Joseph Forte (Osgood Conklin for the 1st 2 episodes), Gale Gordon (Osgood Conklin episode 3 to end of series)

Producer: Larry Berns

Director: Al Lewis

Announcers: Bob Lamond, Jimmy Mathews, Roy Rowan, Verne Smith

Sound Effects: Bill Gould

Music: Lou Gluskin, Wilber Hatch

Writers: Arthur Allsberg, Lou Derman, Al Lewis, John Quillen

Sponsor: Colgate (Lustre Crème Shampoo), American Home Products, Toni Home Permanent, and numerous others

Typical Episode Length: 30 Minutes

Our Miss Brooks was a comedy series about a high school English teacher who was constantly getting herself and her Principal into jams. She also adamantly chased a fellow, single, male teacher who never saw her as anything more than a co-worker no matter how persistent she became.

There was also a Our Miss Brooks TV Show that aired from 1952-56 for 130 episodes! As was typical, the radio version began before the TV version. Untypically, however, the radio show continued during the TV series’ entire run and kept airing for a full year after the TV version left the air! There was also an Our Miss Brooks stage play in 1950 and a movie in 1955.

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