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Perry Mason Radio Show

John Larkin as Perry Mason

First Episode: October 18, 1943

Last Episode: December 30, 1955

Number of Episodes: Approximately 3000

Network: CBS

Series Creator: Erle Stanley Gardner

Cast Members: Perry Mason: Bartlett 'Bart' Robinson (#1), Santos Ortega (#2), Donald Briggs (#3), and John Larkin (#4). Della Street: Gertrude Warner (#1), Jan Miner (#2), and Joan Alexander (#3). Paul Drake: Matt Crowley (#1) and Charles Webster (#2). Lieutenant Tragg: Frank Dane (#1) and Mandel Kramer (#2).

Producers: Tom McDermott, Leslie Harris (Executive Producer)

Directors: Hoyt Allen, Ralph Butler, Carlo DeAngelo, Carl Eastman, Art Hanna

Announcers: Bob Dixon, Alan Kent, and Richard Stark

Sound Effects: Unknown

Music: Unknown

Writers: Irving Vendig

Sponsor: Tide, General Foods

Typical Episode Length: 10-15 Minutes

For those expecting the serious defender of the innocent that one finds in the novels by Erle Stanley Gardner or on the Perry Mason TV show, these radio serials might seem out of place. The Perry Mason radio episodes were as much soap opera as they were crime drama. The courtroom segments didn't occupy much of the scripts either. The series was sponsored by Tide Laundry detergent and was written to appeal to a female audience. In fact, much of the cast and crew of this series was brought to television in one of TV's longest-running soap operas, "The Edge of Night". Of course, Perry Mason also came to television - minus the romance, gossip, and other soap opera fare for a whopping nine seasons plus 30 TV reunion movies!

Listen to a Perry Mason Radio Show episode by clicking on a link below:

Raid On A Den Of Marijuana - June 13, 1950 - 12 Minutes

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