Sci-fi Radio Shows

Sci-Fi Radio Shows

Many old time radio shows did not fit into one sole genre. One week they might air a dramatic episode and the next week they would broadcast a horror episode. The purpose of this page is to point out some of the best sci-fi episodes from those radio series.

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War of the Worlds – From the series: Mercury Theater – October 30, 1938 – 52 Minutes – Be aware that the quality of this show is not very good for about the first 5 minutes. We did our best to clean it up, but that portion was just too bad to get it up to our normal standards. The good news is that the remaining 47 minutes cleaned up nicely and the real “meat” of the story doesn’t start until after the five minute mark. This H.G. Wells classic, directed by the legendary Orson Welles is just too important to radio history to be left off this site! This story of a martian invasion of the Earth was broadcast as a Halloween special and was done in a “news bulletin” format. While there were several announcements stating that the broadcast was fiction, many listeners mistakenly thought that there was a real martian invasion in progress. As you listen to the show, make believe that you are one of those listeners from 1938. You’ve tuned in a few minutes late and missed the announcement about the show being fiction. All you know is that the musical show you are listening to is interrupted by a news flash! The Martians are here!

Time Machine – From the series: Escape – October 27, 1950 – 25 Minutes – Yes, here’s another classic sci-fi episode from H.G. Wells! The story is about an amateur inventor who develops a time machine and uses it to travel to the year 802,701! He finds an Eden-like paradise where there’s abundant food for the taking and a race of four-foot-tall beings who are exceedingly peaceful, youthful, and totally free of disease. He soon finds that appearances can, at first, be deceiving and the horror begins! Wells wrote this story in 1895, making it the first one about someone travelling through time through the use of a machine which they could control.

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