The Shadow Radio Show

The Shadow Radio Show

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Circle of Death – November 28, 1937 – 28 Minutes

First Episode: January 5, 1932

Last Episode: December 26, 1954

Number of Episodes: Approximately 740

Network: CBS Radio Network (1/5/32 to 2/2/32), NBC Radio Network (10/12/32 to 3/27/35), Mutual Broadcasting System (9/26/37 to 12/26/54)

Cast Members: Robert Hardy Andrews (The Shadow #1), Frank Readick Jr. (The Shadow #2), Orson Welles (The Shadow #3), Bill Johnstone (The Shadow #4), John Archer (The Shadow #5), Steve Courtleigh (The Shadow #6), Bret Morrison (The Shadow #7), Agnes Moorehead (Margot Lane #1), Marjorie Anderson (Margot Lane #2), Marion Sharkley (Margot Lane #3), Laura Mae Carpenter (Margot Lane #4), Lesley Woods (Margot Lane #5), Grace Matthews (Margot Lane #6), Gertrude Warner (Margot Lane #7), James La Curto

Producers/Directors: John Cole, Harry Ingram, Dana Noyes, Bill Sweets, Wilson Tuttle, Chick Vincent

Announcers: John Archer, Andre Baruch, Sandy Becker, Roger Chase, Carl Cruso, Don Hancock, Ted Mallie, Ken Roberts, Del Sharbutt

Sound Effects: Al April, Barney Beck, Walt Grustafson, Al Schaffer, Fritz Street

Organists: Charles Paul, Rosa Rio, Elsie Thompson

Theme Music: Omphale’s Spinning Wheel by Saint-Saens (‘Le Rouet d’Omphale’, Opus 31)

Writers: Robert Arthur, Peter Barry, Alonzo Deen Cole, Stedman Coles, Max Ehrlich, Nick Kogan, Jerry McGill, Joe Bates Smith, Bill Sweets

Sponsor: Perfect-O-Lite, Blue Coal, B.F. Goodrich, Grove Labs, Wildroot, Camel Cigarettes

Typical Episode Length: 30 Minutes

The Shadow radio show was about an amateur crime fighter named Lamont Cranston with the ability to “cloud men’s minds” and prevent them from seeing him! A handy tool for catching bad guys, huh? That’s why when the announcer asks “Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men?”, the answer is, “The Shadow knows!”

There was also an Australian radio production of The Shadow that aired from 1940-1945. The character of The Shadow was actually heard on the radio for the first time on July 31, 1930 when James La Curto portrayed the crime fighter on CBS’ program, “The Detective Story Hour”. Then, in September of 1931 on ABC’s program, “The Blue Coal Radio Revue”, Frank Readick, Jr. played the role.

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