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Sky King Radio Show

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Land Of The Diamond Scarab – July 14, 1947 – 15 Minutes

First Episode: October 28, 1946

Last Episode: 1954

Number of Episodes: Unknown

Network: ABC Radio Network (1946-1950), Mutual Radio Network (1950-1954)

Series Creators: Robert M. Burtt, Willfred G. ‘Bill’ Moore

Cast Members: Roy Engel (Sky King 1946-47), Jack Lester (Sky King 1947-49), Earl Nightingale (Sky King 1950-53), Carlton KaDell (Sky King 1954), Johnny Coons (Clipper), Jack Bivens (Clipper), Beryl Vaughn (Penny), Bev Younger (Penny), Cliff Soubier (Jim Bell), Viola Berwick (Martha Bell), Stanley Gordon (Sheriff), Jean Mowry (Peter Pan in commercials)

Producer/Director: Roy Windsor

Announcers: Mike Wallace, Pierre Andre

Sound Effects: Unknown

Music: Unknown

Writers: Roy Windsor (Head Writer), Abe Burrows, Robert M. Burtt, Willfred G. ‘Bill’ Moore, and others

Sponsor: Peter Pan Peanut Butter (done by Mike Wallace of “60 Minutes”)

Typical Episode Length: Began with 15 minute episodes. In 1947 they were expanded to 30 minute episodes

Trivia: Series creators Robert M. Burtt and Bill Moore were both pilots. Announcer, Mike Wallace, also did many of the Peter Pan commercials and other commercials on radio and TV shows before becoming a top news reporter and long-time star on the TV series, “60 Minutes”. Sky King was one of the few aviation radio series that made the transition to television (with an all new cast). The Sky King TV Show was broadcast for four seasons and 71 episodes! Sky King was referred to as “America’s Favorite Flying Cowboy”.

The Sky King radio show was about a pilot who owned a large ranch in Arizona who used his flying skills to catch criminals and otherwise solve crimes, often with the aid of his young friends “Penny” and “Clipper”. The series ran at a time when most viewers had never flown and that made the series even more exciting!

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