Superman Radio Show

Superman Radio Show

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The Baby From Krypton – February 12, 1940 – 12 Minutes – Enjoy this early version of Superman’s trip to Earth! It’s the very first episode of the series!

Note: The Photo photo above (from left to right) shows Jackson Beck (announcer), Clayton “Bud” Collyer (Superman/Clark Kent), and Joan Alexander (Lois Lane) —–>

First Episode: February 12, 1940

Last Episode: March 1, 1951

Number of Episodes: Approximately 1600+

Network: Mutual Broadcasting System (2/12/40 to 10/27/49), ABC (10/29/49 to 3/1/51)

Cast Members: Clayton “Bud” Collyer (Superman/Clark Kent to 9/10/48), Michael Fitzmaurice (Superman/Clark Kent 2/7/49 to end), Joan Alexander (Lois Lane), Rollie Bester (Lois Lane), Helen Choate (Lois Lane), Julian Noa (Perry White), Jack Grimes (Jimmy Olsen), Jackie Kelk (Jimmy Olsen), Matt Crowley (Batman), Stacy Harris (Batman), Gary Merrill (Batman), Ronald Liss (Robin), Matt Crowley (Inspector Henderson), Earl George (Inspector Henderson), Ned Wever (Jor-El), Agnes Moorehead (Lara), Jackson Beck (Beany Martin)

Producers/Directors: Allen Ducovny, Mitchell Grayson, George Lowther, Jessica Maxwell, Robert Maxwell

Announcer: George Lowther (1940-1942), Jackson Beck (1943-1951), Ross Martin (1951)

Sound Effects: Al Binnie, Keene Crockett, John Glennon, Jack Kearne

Music: Unknown

Writers: B. P. Freeman, Jack Johnstone

Sponsor: Mostly supported by the Mutual Broadcasting System

Typical Episode Length: 15 Minutes through 9/10/48, 30 Minutes thereafter

Fans may have been disappointed when Superman left the air in March of 1951 but they didn’t have to suffer too long! Eighteen months later, the Adventures of Superman TV Show came along, entertaining audiences for 102 episodes over six seasons!

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