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Suspense Radio Show

Agnes Moorehead on the Suspense radio show

First Episode: July 22, 1940

Last Episode: September 30, 1962

Number of Episodes: Many hundreds. Perhaps 1000+, but numerous repeats. Number of unique episodes unknown but estimated 400-700.

Network: CBS Radio Network

NOTE: The photo to the right shows legendary actress Agnes Moorehead really getting into her role on the Suspense episode, "Sorry, Wrong Number". You may remember Miss Moorehead as Samantha's mother on the TV show, "Bewitched". -------->

Cast Members: Well-known guest stars changed weekly

Producers: Elliot Lewis, Charles Vanda

Directors: Antony Ellis, Tony Leader, Norman Macdonnell, John Peyser, William N. Robson, William Spier

Announcers: Truman Bradley, Frank Martin, Ken Niles, Harlow Wilcox

Narrator: Paul Frees

Sound Effects: Gus Bayz, Dave Light, Ross Murray, Jack Sixsmith

Music: Lud Gluskin, Wilbur Hatch

Writers: Gus Bayz, Walter Black, Mel Dinelli, Antony Ellis, Peter Fernandez, Ferrin N. Fraser, Joseph L. Greene, Sigmund Miller, Jack Newman, Robert Richards, William N. Robson, Joseph Russell, Hank Searles, Richard Wile

Sponsors: Autolite, Roma Wines

Typical Episode Length: 25-30 Minutes

There was also a Suspense TV Show that aired for 6 seasons and 260 episodes!

Listen to a Suspense Radio Show episode by clicking on a link below:

Sorry, Wrong Number - May 25, 1943 - 30 Minutes

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