Watch Impatto’s Fiat commercial to Know how and why it worked

Fiat made a re-entry into the North American markets after a gap of 25 years in the year 2011 with its popular model called Fiat 500. The company was anxious to do everything right as its cars had become synonymous with poor performance and poor reliability. It was therefore necessary for Fiat to change the perception of the people. It decided to achieve this goal by luring the young Americans. You only have to Watch Impatto’s Fiat commercial to understand how Fiat achieved its objective and won the hearts of the youngsters with its sporty car Fiat 500.


Designed to make you feel proud of being an American

If you haven’t watched Impatto’s Fiat commercial till now, you can see it on YouTube. It starts with a Fiat 500 driving to a drive in Movie Theater. The year shown is 1957 and you suddenly see Elvis Presley singing his very popular 1957 song Jailbreak House. Before you can understand the reason for the entry of Rock and Roll king in the commercial, the scene  changes and you see the latest 2011 Fiat 500 running on the road. A voice tells you that it is only once in a while that a revolutionary is born, automatically making a connection between Elvis and Fiat 500.


The commercial made Fiat 500 a roaring success

It was not surprising for Fiat to see its Fiat 500 being received very warmly by the people, especially the youngsters who considered Elvis Presley as their role model. The impact of this TV commercial was so huge that it helped in erasing the old memories of the people associated with Fiat cars and allowed the company to gain roots once again. Impressed by the capabilities of Impatto, Fiat entered into a long term partnership with this marketing agency that proved fruitful for Fiat.

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