What Are The Best Sheds?

A garden shed can range from the the strictly utilitarian storage unit to the ultra luxurious shed that doubles as an outdoor office or studio. Selection the best sheds for each use is dictated by the individual requirements as far as form and function are concerned.

The usual choices which face the homeowner when choosing a shed are whether a shed constructed from wood, fabric, plastic like material or metal each of these materials has its advantages and disadvantages.

The advantages of the plastic type (or resin) sheds are that the material is lightweight and easy to work with – assembling one is a relatively easy DIY project. They also look great – natural wood type patterning means that they look great in any garden. As a bonus these types of sheds are very easy to clean and maintain.

Metal sheds have been around for decades. They’re tough and cost less than most wooden sheds. They’re also easy to set up – like the plastic shed they are suitable for DIY projects. The disadvantage is that they can be unattractive and can become extremely warm in summer – meaning that they are not suitable for things like workshops.

wooden sheds are widely held to be the best of the bunch. They are attractive and can be painted to match the exterior decor of the home and the material is easy to work with and lends itself to designs whcih suit the individual taste of the home owner. Wooden sheds are also extremely strong and can stand up to even the harshest of weather. The insulating properties of wood also mean that temperature stays constant making them ideal for a studio or workshop.

The guiding principle when looking for the best sheds is to find one which suits your individual lifestyle requirements.

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