Why Collectors Enjoy Silicone Babies

Doll collectors collect dolls in all shapes and sizes manufactured from a variety of materials most commonly from vinyl and silicone. The jury still seems to be out on whether silicone or vinyl is better, but many high-end doll collectors enjoy the authenticity that here add to their lifelong collections. Some doll collectors even go as far as saying that silicone is harder to care for as a material, but in reality, all you need to do is adjust your cleaning habits and store them properly.

What advantages do silicone dolls offer to collectors?

*The great thing about silicone that vinyl can never bring to the table is that silicone is incredibly realistic. In fact, silicone looks much like human skin and can be molded to recreate authentic facial features. Doll collectors and artists alike enjoy using silicone babies as a way to genuinely recreate the feeling of holding a live baby in your hands.

*Silicone also takes to heat set paints better than vinyl. This means that facial features aren’t just realistic, but they can be shaded and painted accordingly to resemble a real child. Instead of having orange skin, a newborn baby can have peach skin with translucence that helps highlight visible blood vessels. Additionally, this also means that paints last longer on a silicone doll as they’re heat set.

*You’ll discover that silicone dolls are truly one-of-a-kind as many artists mold them by hand to create reborn babies or even fantasy dolls. Since these dolls are unique, you will find them at every toy store and you can treasure them for years to come in your collection.

Whether you’re a novice collector or you value high-end dolls, it makes sense to get acquainted with the different doll types available out there. The lifelike appearance and quality shading of silicone dolls can make them a highlight of any collection!

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