Command Performance Radio Show

Command Performance Radio Show

Note: The photo above is of Bob Hope and Jane Russell on the Command Performance radio show set!

Listen to a Command Performance Radio Show episode by clicking on a link below:

Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall, and Jimmy Durante – March 15, 1945 – 30 Minutes

First Episode: March 1st, 1942

Last Episode: December 20th, 1949

Number of Episodes: 400+

Network: Armed Forces Radio Service

Creator: Louis G. Cowan

Cast Members: Many big name stars on each episode. Different stars each week

Producers: Maury Holland, Vick Knight, Cal Kuhl

Director: Glenn Wheaton

Announcers: Ken Carpenter, Paul Douglas

Music: Varied each episode with the top Orchestras and singers of the period

Writers: Melvin Frank, Norman Panama

Sponsor: Campbell Soup

Typical Episode Length: Varied from 30 minutes to 2 hours!

Spinoff Series: “Request Performance”

The sole purpose of the Command Performance radio show was to entertain U.S. troops fighting around the world during World War II. The series continued on after the war ended as many troops were stationed overseas for years following the war in order to give our former enemy nations time to establish stable, democratic governments.

Virtually everyone involved with Command Performance donated their time free of charge! The series was broadcast mostly by the Armed Forces Radio Network via shortwave radio overseas and via the radio networks for the troops on our home soil. It was a true “Labor of Love” from the stars and technicians for the boys that were risking their lives for our freedom!

Just to give you an idea of the tremendous talent that donated their time, here’s a ridiculously partial list: Fred Allen, George Burns and Gracie Allen, The Andrew Sisters, Eddie Cantor, Bing Crosby, Bette Davis, Olivia De Haviland, Clark Gable, Judy Garland, Betty Grable, Cary Grant, Rita Hayworth, Bob Hope, Spike Jones, Francis Langford, Charles Laughton, Fred MacMurray, Vincent Price, Ginger Rogers, Mickey Rooney, Dinah Shore, Frank Sinatra, Red Skelton, Kate Smith, Shirley Temple, and Spencer Tracy! And the music was provided by people link Benny Goodman’s, Harry James’, and Glenn Miller’s Orchestras!

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