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You Bet Your Life Radio Show

First Episode: October 5, 1949 (With an earlier audition show on September 15, 1947)

Last Episode: April 28, 1954

Number of Episodes: Approximately 162

Network: CBS Radio Netork

Host: Groucho Marx

Producers/Directors: Bob Dwan, John Guedel, Harfield Weedin

Announcers: George Fenneman, Jack Slattery

Sound Effects: ??????

Music: Billy May Orchestra

Theme Song: "Hooray for Captain Spaulding" by Bert Kalmar and Harry Ruby (From the film, "Animal Crackers")

Writers: Hy Freedman, Bernie Smith

Sponsor: Elgin American, Desoto-Plymouth

Typical Episode Length: 30 Minutes

You Bet Your Life was doomed from the start to never make it on the air! Groucho Marx didn't want to do it and the executives at CBS didn't believe it could work! Series producer, "John Guedel", however, knew that Groucho's ability to interact with the contestants and the audience would be a success and he convinced everyone to give it a try! Not only did the radio show last 4 1/2 years on the air, but the You Bet Your Life TV Show ran for 11 years!

Listen to a You Bet Your Life Radio Show episode by clicking on a link below:

Secret Word: Hand - February 10, 1958 - 22 Minutes

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