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Ellery Queen Radio Show

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One Diamond – May 6, 1948 – 30 Minutes

First Episode: June 18, 1939 (Two months earlier, on April 7, 1939, an episode of Ellery Queen did air on the radio series, “Author, Author”)

Last Episode: May 27, 1948

Number of Episodes: Approximately 354

Network: CBS (First Season), NBC (Seasons 2-5), CBS (Seasons 6 and 7), NBC (1st 8 episodes of season 8), ABC (Final 27 episodes)

Cast Members: Hugh Marlowe (Ellery Queen: 6/18/39-9/22/40), Carlton Young (Ellery Queen: 1/8/42-9/30/43), Sydney Smith (Ellery Queen: 10/7/43-4/16/47), Lawrence Dobkin (Ellery Queen: 6/1/47-5/27/48), Howard Smith (Sergeant Velie: 6/18/39-4/21/40), Ted de Corsia (Sergeant Velie: 4/28/40-4/16/47), Ed Latimer (Sergeant Velie: 6/1/47-5/27/48), Marian Shockley (Nikki Porter 6/18/39-12/28/44), Barbara Terrell (Nikki Porter: 1/24/45-8/28/46), Charlotte Keane (Nikki Porter: 10/9/46-5/27/48), Robert Strauss (Doc Prouty: 6/18/39-2/18/40), Arthur Allen (Doc Prouty: 2/25/40-4/21/40), Santos Ortega (Inspector Queen: 4/28/40-4/16/47), Bill Smith (Inspector Queen: 6/1/47-5/27/48), Gertrude Warner (Role Unknown: 6/13/45-8/28/46)

Producer/Director: George Zachary (Seasons 1-7), Tom Victor (First 8 episodes of Season 8), Dick Woollen first and then Dwight Hauser (Final 27 episodes)

Announcers: Ken Roberts (Season 1 – 1st 45 episodes), Bert Parks (Season 1 – Episodes 46-67), Ernest Chappell (Seasons 2-5), Don Hancock (Season 6, 7, and the first 8 episodes of season 8), Paul Masterson (Final 27 episodes)

Sound Effects: Unknown

Music: Bernard Hermann, Chet Kingsbury (Organist), Rex Koury (Organist), Lynn Murray, Charles Paul (organist), Leith Stevens

Writers: Frederic Dannay (Seasons 1-6), Manfred B. Lee (Seasons 6-8), Anthony Boucher (Entire run)

Sponsor: Supported by CBS (Episodes 1-45), Gulf Oil (Episodes 46-67), Bromo-Seltzer (Seasons 2-5), Anacin (Seasons 6, 7, and 1st 8 episodes of the final season), Supported by ABC for the final 27 episodes

Typical Episode Length: 30 Minutes

The Adventures of Ellery Queen radio show was a murder/mystery/detective series that began as a summer replacement for the Screen Guild Theater. Then, on October 8, 1939 during the broadcast of “The Mother Goose Murders”, station WBBM in Chicago went off the air with only 9 minutes left in the show. So many listeners called in to complain that it shocked CBS executives. They didn’t have a clue that the series was that popular. So anyway … Ellery Queen became a hit and remained on the air for 8 seasons!

Producer/Director George Zachary jealously guarded the script endings from leaking out to the public. Even the actors never found out how an episode would end until the final dress rehearsal!

There was a 22 episode Ellery Queen TV Show starring Jim Hutton as Ellery Queen that aired during the 1975/76 season.

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