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The Big Show Radio Program

First Episode: November 5, 1950

Last Episode: April 20, 1952

Number of Episodes: 57

Network: NBC Radio Network

Hosted By: Talluhlah Bankhead (See her photo on the right ---->)

Producer/Director: Dee Englebach

Announcers: Ed Herlihy and Jimmy Wallington

Music: Merideth Wilson

Writers: Goodman Ace, Frank Wilson

Sponsor: Numerous sponsors

Broadcast Time: Sundays from 6:30PM to 8:00PM

Typical Episode Length: 90 Minutes

The Big Show radio program was aptly named as each episode lasted for 90 minutes and featured several of the biggest stars of its era! This big-budget, musical/variety show offered movie stars, radio stars, TV stars, singing stars, comedy stars, and great popular bandleaders that knocked the socks off audiences each week!

Listen to a The Big Show Radio Program episode by clicking on a link below:

Guests: Jimmy Durante, Milton Berle, and Ethel Merman - April 29, 1951 - 88 Minutes

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