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Wild Bill Hickok Radio Show

Guy Madison and Andy Devine on the Wild Bill Hickok radio show

First Episode: April 1, 1951

Last Episode: December 31, 1954

Number of Episodes: 271

Network: Mutual Broadcastin System

NOTE: The photo to the right is of Guy Madison and Andy Devine on the Wild Bill Hickok radio show -------->

Cast Members: Guy Madison (U.S. Marshal James Butler 'Wild Bill' Hickok), Andy Devine (Deputy Marshal 'Jingles' P. Jones), Paul Frees, Forrest Lewis, Charlie Lung, Howard McNear, Tyler McVey, Ralph Moody, Jack Moyles, Barney Phillips, Clayton Post, Will Wright

Producer/Director: David Hire, Paul Pierce

Director: Paul Pierce

Announcer: Charles 'Charlie' Lyon

Sound Effects: Unknown

Music: Richard Aurandt, Dick Aurandt (Organist)

Writers: Larry Hayes

Sponsor: Kellogs Cereal

Typical Episode Length: 25 Minutes

Unlike most series that made the transition from radio to TV, The Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok TV Show kept the same cast as the radio show!

Listen to a Wild Bill Hickok Radio Show episode by clicking on a link below:

The Mark of a Killer - January 25, 1952 - 25 Minutes

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