NBC University Theater

NBC University Theater

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Farewell To Arms – August 6, 1948 – 61 Minutes

The full title of this series was actually, “NBC University of the Air”. The show was rather unusual as college students could actually get college credit by listening to the episodes (which were all classics) as part of correspondent courses. Many people may believe that college by correspondence is a late 20th century invention, but that’s not true! After World War II, there were millions of men with educational benefits who also had jobs and families. Correspondence courses were one way they could further their education!

First Episode: July 30, 1948

Last Episode: February 14, 1951

Number of Episodes: 122

Network: NBC Radio Network

Cast Members: Varied Weekly

Director: Andrew C. Love

Announcers: Don Stanley

Sound Effects: Bob Holmes, Rod Sutton

Music: Albert Harris, Henry Russell

Writers: Ernest Kinoy, George Lefferts, Claris A. Ross, Jack C. Wilson

Typical Episode Length: 60 Minutes (13 – 30 minute episodes)

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