Nero Wolfe Radio Show

Nero Wolfe Radio Show

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The Disappearing Diamonds – March 9, 1951 – 29 Minutes

First Episode: Adventures of Nero Wolfe (April 7, 1943), The Amazing Nero Wolfe (Early in 1946), New Adventures of Nero Wolfe (October 20, 1950)

Last Episode: Adventures of Nero Wolfe (July 14, 1944), The Amazing Nero Wolfe (December 15, 1946), New Adventures of Nero Wolfe (April 27, 1951)

Number of Episodes: Approximately 75

Cast Members: Nero Wolfe played by J.B. Williams (4/7/43-6/30/43 on the New England Network), Santos Ortega (7/5/43-?/??/44 on ABC), Luis Van Rooten (?/??/44-7-14-44 on ABC), Sidney Greenstreet (Early 1946 on ABC to 4/27/51 on NBC), and Mavor Moore (1982 for 13 episodes on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Archie played by John Gibson (7/5/43-7-14-44 on ABC), Elliott Lewis, Wally Mahr (10/20/50 only), Lamont Johnson (10/27/50 only), Herb Ellis (11/3/50-1/5/51), Gerald Mohr (1/12/51-2/2/51), Harry Bartell (2/16/51-4-27-51) and Don Francks (1982 Canada series).

Note: Information below this point refers to the New Adventures of Nero Wolfe only.

Series Creator: Rex Stout

Producer: Edwin Fadiman

Director: J. Donald Wilson

Announcer: Don Stanley

Sound Effects: Unknown

Music: Unknown

Writer: Louis Vittes (Based on the stories by Rex Stout)

Sponsor: Various (Series was sustained by NBC)

Typical Episode Length: 30 Minutes

Just in case it wasn’t clear enough above, there have actually been four Nero Wolfe radio series. The first was titled “The Adventures of Nero Wolfe (1943-44)”. That was followed by “The Amazing Nero Wolfe (1946)”, “The New Adventures of Nero Wolfe (1950-51)”, and a revival series produced in Canada in 1982. They were all mystery/detective series with Nero Wolfe being the genius, crime-solving character. The radio series were inspired by several novels written by Rex Stout.

One difference between Wolfe and other fictional crime-solvers is that Wolfe was so overweight at nearly 300 pounds that he did most of his sleuthing from home. He used his assistant, “Archie”, as his legs and Archie would return any evidence he found to Nero Wolfe and relate whatever he saw. Then Wolfe would go into almost a trancelike state and “figure out” who had committed the crime!

There was also a 1981 Nero Wolfe TV Show starring William Conrad as Nero Wolfe and Lee Horsley as Archie Goodwin that lasted 14 episodes and a 2001 Nero Wolfe TV Series starring Maury Chaykin as Nero Wolfe and Timothy Hutton as Archie Goodwin for 29 episodes.

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