Rocky Fortune Starring Frank Sinatra

Frank Sinatra as Rocky Fortune

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Rocket To The Morgue – March 23, 1954 – 24 Minutes

First Episode: October 6th 1953

Last Episode: March 30th 1954

Number of Episodes: 25

Network: NBC Radio Network

Cast Members: Frank Sinatra (Rocko Fortunato aka Rocky Fortune), Barney Phillips (Hamilton J. Finger)

Producers/Directors: Andrew Love, Fred Weihe

Announcer: Edward ‘Eddie’ King

Sound Effects: Unknown

Music: Unknown

Writers: Ernest Kinoy, George Lefferts, Norm Sickel, Robert Senadella, Doc Sanford

Sponsor: Fully supported by NBC

Typical Episode Length: 25 minutes

The Rocky Fortune radio show was a private investigator series. Rocky would take pretty much any type of job as his private eye business was not terribly successful. He would often even have to take another job to supplement his income. Of course, no matter what he was doing, every move he made led him to one adventure after another and often into severe danger!

Frank Sinatra partially agreed to do Rocky Fortune because his career was at a low point and he wanted more time on air and in the public’s eye! The series only lasted one year because Frank’s Oscar-winning role in the 1953 film, “From Here to Eternity” catapulted him quickly to the top! That film also won 7 more Oscars and was nominated for another 5! Yes, in addition to being a singing superstar, Frank was about to become one of the most “in demand” actors in Hollywood!

In 1957, the Frank Sinatra TV Show hit the airwaves for 36 glorious episodes. The guest stars on that series were a “Who’s Who” of the best known stars of the day!

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