The Saint Radio Show

Vincent Price as The Saint

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The Old Man’s Car – October 22, 1947 – 25 Minutes

First Episode: October 18, 1940

Last Episode: October 21, 1951

Number of Episodes: Approximately 202

Network: Radio Athlone (10/18/40 to 11/22/40), NBC (1/6/45 to 3/31/45), CBS (6/20/45 to 6/23/48), Mutual (7/10/49 to 5/21/50), NBC (6/11/50 to 10/21/51)

Cast Members: Terrance De Marney (Simon Templar/The Saint 10/18/40/to 11/22/40), Edgar Barrier (Simon Templar/The Saint 1/6/45 to 3/31/45), Brian Aherne (Simon Templar/The Saint 6/20/45 to 9/12/45), Vincent Price (Simon Templar/The Saint 7/09/47 to 5/20/51), Tom Conway (Simon Templar/The Saint 5/27/51 to 10/21/51), Louise Arthur (Patricia Holmes 6/20/45 to 9/12/45), Ed Begley, John Brown, Ken Christy, Tom Collins, Larry Dobkin (Louie), Theodor von Eltz, Stanley Farrar, Joe Forte, Betty Lou Gerson, Peter Leeds, Dan O’Herlihy, Mary Shipp, and Barry Sullivan

Producers/Directors: Leslie Charteris, William N. Robson, Bill Rousseau

Announcers: Dick Joy, Don Stanley

Sound Effects: Unknown

Music: Harry Zimmerman Orchestra

Writers: Unknown

Sponsor: Bromo Seltzer (1/6/45 to 3/31/45), Campbell’s Soup (6/20/45 to 9/12/45), Supported by Networks for all other air dates

Typical Episode Length: 30 Minutes

Paul Rhys also portrayed Simon Templar on the radio in three episodes on the BBC in 1995. There was also a The Saint TV Show that aired from 1962-69 starring Roger Moore and The Return of the Saint TV Show starring Ian Ogilvy that only survived for 24 episodes during the 1978-79 season. In addition, 17 Saint movies were made between the years 1938 and 1997!

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