Six Shooter Starring James Stewart

Six Shooter starring James Stewart

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The New Sheriff – June 10, 1954 – 29 Minutes

First Episode: September 20, 1953 (Plus the first appearance of the Six Shooter on the series, “Hollywood Star Playhouse” on April 13, 1952 and an audition show on July 15, 1953)

Last Episode: June 24, 1954

Number of Episodes: 41 (39 regular episodes, 1 on the “Hollywood Playhouse”, 1 audition show)

Network: NBC Radio Network

Cast Members: James Stewart (Britt Ponset – The Six Shooter), Elvia Allman, Parley Baer, Harry Bartell, Sam Edwards, Frank Gerstle, Virginia Gregg, Bert Holland, Jess Kirkpatrick, Howard McNear, Shep Menken, Lou Merrill, B. J. Thompson

Producer: Unknown

Director: Jack Johnstone

Announcers: Hal Gibney (9/20/53-03/14/54), John Wald (3/21/54-6/24/54)

Sound Effects: Unknown

Music: Basil Adlam (Including the theme song titled, “Highland Lament”)

Series Creator/Writer: Frank Burt

Sponsor: Coleman Heating Products (9/20/53 – 10/11/53), Supported By NBC (10/18/53-6/24/54)

Typical Episode Length: 30 Minutes

The Six Shooter radio show was a western series where Jimmy Stewart played a character very close to the ones he portrayed in most of his western movies. Britt Ponset (The Six Shooter) was an easygoing kind of guy who’d prefer to avoid conflict, but when forced into a situation where he had no other choices, the bad guys had better watch out! Britt would roam from town to town throughout the southwestern United States and make friends wherever he went. Often he would end out in conflict because someone was threatening harm to one of his new friends.

One of the reasons that this series only lasted one season was because when Coleman Heating Products dropped their sponsorship of the series, Chesterfield Cigarettes offered to sponsor the show but Jimmy Stewart said no! He didn’t want his image tainted by a product that only few in the industry acknowledged was “bad” at that time.

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