Green Hornet Radio Show

Green Hornet Radio Show

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Classified Ad – April 2, 1946 – 26 Minutes

NOTE: The Photo above is Al Hodge in his secret identity as Britt Reid.

First Episode: January 31, 1936

Last Episode: December 5, 1952

Number of Episodes: Approximately 1045

Network: WXYZ Detroit (1/31/36-4/7/38), Mutual (4/12/38-11/9/39), Blue Network (11/16/39-8/28/40), Mutual (9/2/40-10/10/40), Blue Network (12/28/40-4/11/43), ABC (4/20/43-12/5/52)

Series Creators: Fran Striker, George W. Trendle

Cast Members: Al Hodge (Britt Reid/Green Hornet 1/31/36-12/20/42), A. Donovan Faust (Britt Reid/Green Hornet 1/10/43-?/?/43), Robert “Bob” Hall (Britt Reid/Green Hornet ?/?/43-?/?/46), Jack McCarthy (Britt Reid/Green Hornet ?/?/46-12/5/52), Raymond Hayashi (Kato 1/31/36-12/20/42), Rollon Parker (2nd Kato – Dates Unknown), Mickey Tolan (3rd Kato – Dates Unknown), Lee Allman (Lenore Case), Jim Irwin (Michael Axford), Gil Shea (Michael Axford), Jack Petruzzi (Ed Lowry), Paul Hughes (Miscellaneous Villans), John Todd (Dan Reid)

Producers/Directors: James Jewell, Charles Livingstone

Announcers: Fielden Farrington, Bob Hite, Hal Neal, Mike Wallace, Charles Woods

Sound Effects: Tony Caminito, Dewey Cole, Jimmy Fletcher, Fred Flowerday, Fred Fry, Bill Hengsterbeck, Ken Robertson

Music: Billy May (Conductor), Al Hirt (Trumpet)

Theme Song: “Flight of the Bumblebee” by Rimsky-Korsakov

Writer: James Jewell, Fran Striker, George W. Trendle, Steve McCarthy

Sponsor: Supported by the networks (1/31/36-12/30/47), General Mills (1/6/48-8/24/48), Supporte by ABC (9/14/48-9/8/50), Orange Crush (9/10/52-12/5/52)

Typical Episode Length: 30 Minutes

The Green Hornet radio show was a children’s fantasy/adventure series. Britt Reid, the publisher of the “Daily Sentinel”, would pursue evil-doers as “The Green Hornet”. Along with his trusty sidekick, “Kato”, they battled “super-villans” in a similar manner as did Batman and Robin. The Green Hornet even had his version of the “Batmobile” but his car was called “Black Beauty”.

John Todd, who played Dan Reid on the Green Hornet, is best known as “Tonto” on The Lone Ranger Radio Show!

The Green Hornet began on the radio and then “branched out” into comic books, movie serials, a feature film, and a Green Hornet TV Show!

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